Eiyuden Chronicle June 2022 Update (26th)

Hey there heroes,

We’d like to start with an update on the Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising product codes. We are getting close to clearing the last of our customer service ticket backlog and we’d like to thank everyone for their patience so far.

If you purchased a copy of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising as either an add-on via Kickstarter or by purchasing it via the Backer Store and still have not received your product code, then please reach out to The Yetee Customer Service team for assistance.

Once this has been cleared we will be doing an analysis of what happened in order to find out what caused this shortage and delay, however we can already see that our efforts weren’t enough and that we’ve damaged some of the trust the community has given us. Our goal is to use what we’ve learned here to ensure the same thing doesn’t happen again.

We can’t thank you enough for your continued trust and support, and we will continue to keep working hard to ensure fulfillment of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes goes much smoother.

**Production Updates**
Character Profile

Profession: The League of Nations
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Favorite Food: Sautéed chicken breast

Despite not knowing a lick of magic, Maureus has decided he’s a mage. The “staff” he swings around—a hunk of steel that’s thicker than he is and that most observers would correctly call a mace—is strong enough to smash through solid rock. And folks, if that’s not magic, what is? (Answer: actual magic.)

Maureus works hard at “attuning himself” (really, he’s just pumping himself up) so he can “wield advanced spells” (break more of his enemies’ bones with each strike).

“Behold, the wonders of magic! By channeling destructive energy into a single point, I have reduced this boulder to rubble. Are you not amazed? Follow me, and these powers could be yours!”

Kawano’s Comment:
A meathead wizard…is what led me to the character image you see here. I wanted to give the impression that he somehow built huge muscles despite having no intentions of actually working out, so I had a lot of fun designing a really heavy cane and wristbands for him (heavy enough to shock other characters if they tried to pick them up themselves).
Is the source of his power magic or muscle…?
Personally, I can’t wait to see him in action!

Murayama’s Monthly Development Report
Not long from now I’ll probably be able to write something more specific about the systems we’re implementing in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, but for now please bear with me as I keep writing about my personal life.

I personally believe that game creators should be knowledgeable about games. To that end, I try to stay connected to games in any way I can. It’s not easy though, when I’m busy with development. Especially when I’m devoting a lot of my time and attention to working on the story. I don’t want to use too much brain power worrying about other things.

An amazing story written by another human being can often be a great source of inspiration, but it can also be a source of distress for me when I’m working on a script of my own.
So when that happens, I have fun playing quick games or games that don’t linger longer than they need to. Right now, I’m mostly playing…

Hexcells, which is a puzzle game you can play in short bursts and has a function that automatically creates new puzzles. I try to solve one puzzle per day which gives me a nice sense of accomplishment.

One Finger Death Punch is another action game with really simple rules that is good for relieving stress in a short gaming session. It feels really good to mow down all the enemies.

Heroes of Hammerwatch is a game about grabbing money and resources hiding in dungeons. In a short amount of time I either clear a dungeon or die, and it even has a village builder in it.

Enjoying games in short sessions is how I’m enjoying games at the moment.

A Word from the Team
Hello everyone. This is Kawano and it looks like it’s my turn.
I can’t believe it’s been nearly two years since the Kickstarter campaign! I dread to think about how much time has passed, but I’m still working on character designs to this day.

Hypothetically, if it took me three days to finish one character illustration then I should be able to complete more than 100 in a single year. But of course, I’m not that fast and I get time off every week, so the designs remain a work in progress.

Nonetheless, I think we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the character design tunnel. (In regards to the development of the game, there is a lot of work that needs to be done after the illustrations are completed, so I need to finish the illustration work a bit faster than other tasks.).

Once the bulk of the illustrations are done, I will keep working on finer extra details and expressions as necessary. For now though, I want to focus on coming up with ideas for the remaining characters. I’m almost done with all 100 heroes!

Until next time!



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出身 諸国連合 性別 男
年齢 32歳 好きな食べ物 鳥胸肉のソテー







『Heroes of Hammerwatch』、ダンジョンに潜ってお金や資源をとってくるゲームだ。こちらも一定の時間でクリアするか、途中で死ぬ。コツコツ、村を成長させていったりもできるからね。