August Update 2023 (To Post Sep 6th)

Hey there, Heroes! We’re slightly late this month as we’re gearing up for Tokyo Game Show 2023. We hope everyone is as excited for Japan’s biggest video game convention as we are, but don’t worry! We still have some fun tidbits to share in today’s update so let’s jump in!

Platform Selection Emails

We’ll be sending out Emails soon for you to select your physical platform of choice for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. The header will be “Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Backer – Physical Edition Reward Platform Selection Email”

Due to the tight timeline we need to receive responses by Wednesday September 20th, 2023. In the event that we do not receive a response we will need to order the initial version listed on the survey.

Please note this is ONLY for Physical editions and not digital editions. Physical editions have longer lead times so we are asking for that information now. We’ll be asking for your digital edition platform choices at a later date.

Development Updates:

Murayama’s Monthly Development Report

There are more than a hundred heroes appearing in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

I’m organizing the profiles for those heroes.

Of course, the world of Eiyuden Chronicle is different from the real world (y’know, Earth). Does a year have as many days as it does in the real world? Do they have concepts for days of the week? Do the days of the week have the same names as they do in the real world?

In our world, the concept of days in a year, days of the week, and months of the year are the result of historical trends. So naturally those in this imaginary world should be different, right?

But while the concept of totally original days of the week and months is pretty fascinating, it’s also difficult to wrap your head around, and I’m not sure if adding explanations for each different thing is a good idea or not.

Not to mention these characters will speak languages from all over the world (Japanese, English, French, German, Chinese, etc.). I wonder how that would change things.

Of course there are words and phrases in these languages that exist due to their history. So does their existence mean that there was a similar historical process in this fictional world?

As a compromise, in my mind, each fictional world speaks its own language, has its own customs, counting of the moon, and days of the week, but to some extent they are expressed in a form that is translatable and understood by people in our world.

That’s what’s been going on in my head.

I fear that if I keep going down this rabbit hole I might lose my mind.

Komuta D’s Sneak Peek

Komunichiwa, Komubanwa, Director Komuta here!

I’m back this month with a little sneak peak that I’d share.

There are so many characters in this game, more than 30 so far, but there are still many more to come.

More than 100 total, to be exact!! (LOL)

And all of these characters need voices, not just for the scenario but the theater and mini-games too.

You can choose between English and Japanese voice acting too, as seen here.

You can choose to have no voices too, of course, but that would be such a shame!

I want you to hear every cast member’s masterful and fascinating performances at least once.

This time I’d like to introduce four new characters and their Japanese voice actors.

▼Dux Aldric CV Jouji Nakata

An ambitious political and military mastermind who commands a powerful faction of the Galdean Empire that is second only to the imperial family’s. He seeks to unlock the true essence of the rune-lenses and create technology that can be used equally by all.

▼Chapell Winlart CV Kiyosato Takaya

A young Galdean general who serves under Dux Aldric.

▼Perrielle Grum CV Maaya Uchida

The young countess of Grum, a small country in the League of Nations. She’s sharp as a tack, a go-getter, and full of fire. Where others mince words, Perrielle sharpens them for the kill—and people deride her for that lack of demureness. “She’d be a lovely girl,” they say, “if she wasn’t always braying.

▼Melridge CV Yohei Azakami

A young scholar who specializes in natural history. He yearns to know of every last thing in the world, and exactly how it got there. He also happens to be a genius tactician, and will be a valuable asset to the protagonist.

Introducing the cast now of all times. You must already know what to expect from… Ahem.

Onward to Tokyo Game Show 2023!!