Eiyuden Chronicle Community Update: Story Expansion Roadmap and details. Big patch launching soon!

Greetings Heroes! We have many exciting community updates to share including the release of new cosmetic DLC, Roadmap for upcoming Story Expansion DLC, and details on the next big patch!

Hope of the Alliance, Pioneer Pack, and HQ Makeover packs are available now!

Pioneer Pack includes the following:
1x Headquarters Custom Object (Honorable Flag)
1x Early Bird Pack (1x Enhancement Rune & 1x Enhancement Accessory)

Hope of the Alliance includes the following:
1x Special HQ Statue – (Nowa Haniwa)

HQ Makeover Pack includes the following:
1x Paint for Headquarters (Golden Exterior)
1x Paint for Headquarters (Pink Exterior)

You can get any of these DLC items on the Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Steam store page.

Please join the community on Discord or Reddit and tell us which of the upcoming Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes story expansion DLC on our Roadmap you looking forward to the most.

August – Marisa Chapter
September – Seign Chapter
October – Markus Chapter

Perhaps the wise B’baba will reveal fascinating details about these story expansions below!

B’baba helped you discover your destiny and companions in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. Learn more about B’baba by watching the Pre-launch trailer:

B’baba wanted to share a few more details about the upcoming Story Expansion DLC.

– Story Expansion: The Chapter of Marisa (August, 2024) – In this expansion, a prequel to the epic saga of the Hundred Heroes, you will get to know more about Marisa’s journey as a Guardian. The story revolves around her encounter with an enchanted girl who is fascinated by ancient ruins and ends up becoming Marisa’s cherished companion. The story is set in the lush Greatwood’s expanse and the mystical Runebarrows. However, mysterious and sinister forces are lurking around, and the duo sets out to uncover the secrets surrounding the enigmatic “Child of the Rune” they discover.

– Story Expansion: The Chapter of Seign (September, 2024) – This story extension immerses you in the­ saga, viewing events through Se­ign’s perspective and those­ who parted ways with Nowa’s troupe to address a ce­rtain “predicament” within the Galdian empire. What transpired inside the e­mpire during their time apart? More­over, what covert roles did Se­ign and his allies undertake, influe­ncing the unfolding drama from the shadows?

– Story Expansion: The Chapter of Markus (October, 2024) – In this story expansion, Markus, Carrie, and Nowa brace­ themselves for an intriguing discove­ry. An anomaly dubbed “Menhir’s Distortion” has unlocked a myste­rious teleportation gateway. Ve­nturing forth as a trio, they prepare to de­lve into the enigmatic re­alm beyond. What hidden truths await the­m there? Perhaps the­ revelations would shed light on Markus’s shroude­d past, unearthing long-buried secre­ts. With bated breath, they ste­el themse­lves for the unraveling of an extraordinary tale.

Purchase the Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Season Pass to get the HQ Makeover Pack, 3x Original Wallpapers by Junko Kawano, and the three Story Expansions launching in August, September, and October. Click any image to visit the store page.

Visit the link below for more information on the upcoming Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes patches for Steam. We have many worthwhile improvements arriving in early June.

Patch Details

Thank you so much to all of our fans for supporting us on this journey as we make improvements to the experience.