Launch Day: Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Available Now!

The wait is over! Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, one of the most anticipated JRPG of the year, officially launches today. A heartfelt thank you to our community whose support on Kickstarter made this dream a reality. We are excited to unveil the launch trailer, which offers a look at the sweeping adventures that await in the game.

Watch the launch trailer:

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes offers an ensemble of over 100 distinct characters, each contributing their unique abilities to your journey. As the storyline unfolds, you’ll engage in intricate 6-party turn-based battles, wars, 1 on 1 fights, minigames, town building and so much more. Your decisions will not only determine the fate of Allraan but also shape the development of your growing fortress town, a central hub where storylines intersect and characters grow.

Set in the war-torn continent of Allraan, the game weaves a tapestry of narratives that span dense forests, bustling cities, and mysterious underground lairs. The lore of Allraan is rich with history and conflict, inviting players to uncover its secrets through exploration and interaction with its inhabitants.

Throughout the game, you’ll recruit characters from various backgrounds, each with their own missions and stories. Building relationships with these characters not only strengthens your party but also unlocks new features and abilities for your town.

Post-launch, the game will be supported with continuous updates and downloadable content that expand the story. Purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition today for incredible bonuses to enhance your experience.

Thank you to all fans who helped make this launch of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes an unforgettable experience. Today we embark on this grand adventure together. Join our official communities and share your experiences with us. Please review Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, your opinion can truly make a difference. Together we can secure a bright future for Eiyuden Chronicle.