September Update 2023

Hey there, Heroes!

After a swelteringly hot and busy September, it’s finally cooling down here in Japan. But things are just heating up with everything we announced for “Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes” at Tokyo Game Show this year and we’re super excited to tell you all about it, so let’s jump right in!

Campaign Updates:
“Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes” Physical Version Platform Selection E-mails:

We know the deadline on this was very tight as well as a few bugs in the initial E-mail. We needed to get as many answers as possible to begin the ordering process since physical versions have a much larger lead time. Fortunately we got up to 75% and are able to extrapolate from there. We know some people are worried they didn’t get a chance to change their selection in time but we since we have enough selections to be ordered, we are allowing remaining backers to alter their platform selection up until October 13th. Please be aware that you will not be able to change your selection after this date.
The Yetee will continue to answer customer service tickets as they come in.

If you are having trouble with your platform selection E-mail or if you have not received one and feel you should have, please reach out to the Yetee via their customer service form. If you cannot find it you can also E-mail them at

Digital Pre-order Content:

We’ve seen some questions over what Kickstarter backers receive vs what is included in pre-orders and the Digital Deluxe edition. The Digital Deluxe edition is one of the digital versions the community can purchase. In order to make Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes the biggest success it can be and so that we keep the franchise moving forward, creating different digital units is important. The Digital Deluxe versions usually contain unique bonuses to help increase preorders and secure a future for Eiyuden Chronicle. It’s always a delicate balance when dealing with a project that has been supported via crowdfunding. We do care about our backers, and are providing free DLC and unique merchandise that isn’t available to non-backing fans, but global community-facing versions are important for the overall success of the game.

Nintendo Direct

It’s always amazing to get support from 1st parties and being featured on the most recent Nintendo Direct was a dream come true! For those of you who didn’t see it, we revealed the release date as April 23rd, 2024! Preorders have begun so spread the word! Tell any of your JRPG-loving friends that this “Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes” is a game they won’t want to miss!! Here’s a link to the latest video.

Tokyo Game Show Recon Report

Last but not least, we had a great showing at Tokyo Game Show. Here’s a few select photos from the event and some quick thoughts from the developers about being able to show the game on their home turf!

Development Updates:
Submission of backers’ names in the end credits

This is the Eiyuden Chronicle team.

We are currently preparing the webpage for backers to submit their names for the end credits, as promised during the Kickstarter campaign.

We will soon be sending out a special backer-only Kickstarter update, so please wait just a little longer.

From all of the Eiyuden Chronicle team.

Closing out Tokyo Game Show 2023

I attended TGS.

With a full day of handling interviews at a closed test session and three days at the infamously poorly air-conditioned event itself, I was feeling pretty groggy.

Despite staying overnight at a hotel the first day and going to the event again on the second, I made the grave mistake of forgetting to bring a change of clothes (I even took three different Rabbit & Bear t-shirts to hand out).

My shirt was soaked with sweat, and due to my body size, it wouldn’t have been easy for me to buy a replacement shirt somewhere nearby. So I had to keep walking back and forth between the hotel’s laundry room and my room with my shirt in my hand until a washing machine became available at 2am.

Nonetheless, it sounds like our announcement was received favorably by many people and there was much joy at the booth where we had the three main characters on display.


It’s been a while. Kawano here.

I’m relieved that Tokyo Game Show 2023 ended well.

The air conditioning wasn’t working too well on the first day (and I hate hot weather) and I made a couple of mistakes during the live broadcast, but otherwise I’m doing pretty well. Apologies for that!

I’m relieved to finally be able to present Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes in its complete form.

(I wonder if this would be the first time it would see the light of day if it wasn’t crowdfunded.)

It’s been three years since we came to you asking for your help in making this game, and we’re both so sorry and so grateful to everyone for their patience and having to make you wait further still.

Please continue supporting us on this home stretch!


TGS2023 is over.

Were you able to see the new trailer?

We really wanted you to hear Eiyuden’s theme sung by Sarah Olain, so we worked really hard to make it.

Preparations this year were much more difficult since they coincided with the final stages of the game’s production. I was personally pretty anxious about the release date announcement alongside other reveals but I’m relieved that we were able to receive so much good feedback.

Thank you to everyone who watched the official broadcast at TGS and came to the stage events, and to the press for all their feedback and comments. We’re doing our best to go through all of it.

We’re also pretty close to completing the game so there isn’t much we can do at this stage, but we hope to make any final adjustments under careful consideration of the feedback we received.

We started this project through Kickstarter and received the support of so many people from all around the world, and we’ve been able to develop a game for players from all around the world, which has been a life-long dream of ours. But when we started making the game and going to events and such, we realized how difficult and frustrating it can be.

I always feel the pressure of delivering a high quality product in a limited amount of time, while simultaneously working on the localization, controls, work volume, etc.

Being Japanese, I can use my relative experience as Japan is my home country, but overseas, language and sensibilities can be quite different so I’m always worrying if what I’m making is okay or not.

It can be a little frustrating since we can’t just drop production to travel abroad for events and other activities.

If possible, I would like to go to each country and talk to you all directly and feel that passion. I think about this all the time.

If Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes somehow does well in a major way, gains recognition and paves the way for another project then I would love to gather passionate team members from overseas to solve these kinds of problems.

That’s what I am thinking about these days.


Komunichi-wa, Komuban-wa, it’s Director Komuta.

First of all, I’m so relieved that TGS2023 went off without a hitch.

(Eh, I still have a ton of work to do though… ^^;)

I wanted to give a shout out to the team who worked day and night to prepare for the event!

The video we unveiled is only a small part of the project, but we’re finally, FINALLY at this point.

I am so sorry for keeping you waiting!

And the overall patterns shown off totalled 1 billion, not 500 million! I got the math wrong… orz

There’s so much content we haven’t shown you yet, such as the hometowns, boss battles and mini-games, so I hope we can show those off little by little.

Getting so many enthusiastic comments from all over the world has inspired me to keep running until the end.

We have to wait just a little longer for the release, but I hope you’ll continue to support us as we go.


I was pounced on as soon as I got back from TGS by a 7.5kg Yobune who was made to stay home (LOL)