May Update 2023 (31th)

Hey there heroes,

Golden Week in Japan has come and gone, and we’re back at it with another Eiyuden Chronicle update for everyone so let’s jump right in!

Komuta D’s Sneak Peek
Komu-nichiwa. Komu-banwa. Director Komuta here!
And this month, I’d like to give you another sneak peek at what’s happening behind the scenes.

The content for Komuta D’s Sneak Peak #2 is the “Auto Tactics”.

So what on earth is Auto Tactics?
In Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, Auto Tactics is an auto-battle system that makes for an easier and more rewarding experience for those that find fighting normal enemies to be a pain in the butt.

Huh? But Auto systems can only be used against weak enemies that are a certain amount of levels lower than you, right?
No, no, no. Even with the default settings you can run headlong into any fight against normal enemies and that party will handle the rest. They’ll even heal themselves if things are looking dicey.

I can’t go into any more detail into what kind of system it is just yet, but I would encourage anyone who finds battles tedious to use it from the get go.

And that’s a wrap on this month’s Sneak Peek! I hope you look forward to the next one!

Murayama’s Monthly Development Report

We had a six-hour meeting with a large group the other day, including our publisher 505 Games. Our meetings are typically held online, so it’s been a long time since we’ve met face-to-face like this.

A video game is both a creator’s project, but also a product. If these two aspects aren’t balanced properly then the game can become either a purely self-indulgent art piece, or an empty imitation that has lost its heart as a game.

Sometimes I’m asked what kind of game it is that I want to make, but to me what I want to make the most is a game that many people will enjoy.

Ultimately that’s tied to how fun the game is and its storyline. But what will make players happy is an extremely difficult question and despite searching for a long time, it’s still a tough one to answer.

When I say “many people,” as happy as I am to sell a lot of copies, being proactive and getting to know the people connected to the game is important too.

That’s why I appear at shows the publicists ask me to attend, answer surveys, shoot my own videos, wear goofy costumes and film embarrassing skits.

Even so, sometimes a creator has their reasons for not accepting a publicity request that comes up, which then results in a six-hour long meeting.

That being said, I consider that a part of my job as a game producer.

During that six-hour meeting I was finally, FINALLY able to receive some of the merchandise for Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. I’m quite pleased, and like the tumblers in particular.