October Update 2023

Hey there heroes!

We have marched past Halloween and are one step closer to finalizing the game. Speaking of which, there is no better time than the holiday season to play games! What holiday games are you looking forward to?

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Development Updates:

Murayama’s Monthly Report

Different authors approach world setting and the story differently. While some create a detailed world setting and then fill it with story, I consider the setting to be a tool that assists the story.

For me, the world setting exists to make the story run smoothly and to add depth. So, I try not to create so many settings that I have an unnecessary surplus I won’t need in the future, but sometimes that simply doesn’t fly.

More than 100 heroes had to be assigned a place of origin. Of course, the world would be too small if only places that existed within the game could be used, so we had to make up places that did not exist in the game to be assigned as some characters’ birthplaces.

So basically, we need to set up locations that are not used in the game. I’d like to keep those vague, if possible, so that they don’t become a liability later on.

But as a player, it’s definitely more fun getting a glimpse of some details about that part than for us to be overly vague about it.

In the midst of such a combination, some of the names are specific and don’t exist in the game, and characters who don’t seem to care about such things are just given vague names like “from a country west of XX”.

Komuta D’s Sneak Peek

Komunichi-wa, komuban-wa. Director Komuta here.
I’m back again with another sneak peak for you!

You can play a variety of minigames as you progress through the story of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. And I’m going to give you a quick look at just one of them: Card Game!

It’s a very simple game where players play cards from their hands on the table and compete for three positions, but it’s actually pretty deep.

The higher the total of the numbers in the upper left corner of the card = the higher the strength and the better the position you get. Like other card games, matching card colors, numbers or creating combinations with numbers in sequential order gets you bonus points.

Not only that, cards with the same patterns as their friends have skills that activate various effects when certain conditions are met. Hildy’s card is a powerful one that increases your strength by +3 just by playing it.

Some skills are more effective than others, such as those that increase strength if the card colors are different, or others that straight up take away points from your opponent. It’s not a simple matter of building decks and play styles that differ depending on the characters your opponent uses. Buy card packs in the game to acquire cards, and build your own unique and powerful deck to become the best card battler!

That’s all from me today.

I hope you’re already looking forward to the next sneak peek!