September 2022 Update (28th)

Hey there heroes!

We’ve been hard at work promoting Eiyuden Chronicle at Gamescom and most recently Tokyo Game Show, so this month’s update will be about how those shows went. We hope you all liked the new trailer!

We at Rabbit & Bear Studios participated in this year’s Tokyo Game Show. We also released a new trailer at Gamescom.

We still haven’t revealed everything about Eiyuden Chronicle yet. But you can get a glimpse of Noah running through a town, and see lots of party members fighting in battle.

The trailer shows the themes we’re going for in Eiyuden Chronicle. The battle scenes are rather striking, and the pixel art for the characters can look somewhat like a comic, sometimes humorous or sometimes serious. We believe that will make players feel affection towards the characters.

Another thing we showed off was the pixel art characters being drawn deep in backgrounds. In older 2D games the graphics were pan-focused, making the characters, the depth of the backgrounds and the foregrounds all the focal point.

But in Eiyuden Chronicle we make our backgrounds with depth-of-field, and it allows for the camera movement in battles, or things like the changes in depth in the scene with Noah running in town. We can also make use of changing different light sources.

Everyone’s favorite pixel art style, enhanced and made more lively by modern graphical expression. That’s the world we’re aiming for in Eiyuden Chronicle.

Now, as for TGS itself, I wasn’t able to get around the venue much myself. I was so busy that I used what little spare time I had using a massage chair at an internet cafe to get back as much energy as I could.

It helped cancel out the lack of sleep I was going through.

Hi, everyone! It’s Kawano.

I’m glad we were able to show off Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising and a new video of Eiyuden Chronicle.

In the future, I’d like to reveal some additional information (while not spoiling anything, of course). Please keep your eyes peeled for that.

And it seems like the JRPG space is starting to get pretty lively! That makes me very happy. It also means that we have to work hard to make Eiyuden Chronicle a game that you’ll all love. It’s got me all psyched up again.



Thanks for TSG 2022!
In TGS 2022, we were able to release a new trailer and announce the voice actors. I wish to express my thanks to everyone from the official broadcast, people who watched the interviews, and everyone who came to the venue. Thank you all so very much! It made me very happy to see opinions and support from everyone around the world.

This was the first time all of the staff were able to get together to participate in TGS. The first time in a long time we were able to do an announcement face-to-face. I was worried that I’d get really nervous, but seeing members and fans gathered together made me feel very reassured. When the time came, I was able to help put on a fun announcement with my friends keeping me from getting nervous.

As far as production goes, like I said, we’re really into the production phase and very busy. But we wanted to make sure we could get some new info out to you guys, and worked hard on the new trailer. I really wanted to show off the dueling scene, so I might’ve put too much in for the Gamescom version. But what did you think? Did you enjoy it?

I’ve got so many other scenes I want to show you all. We’re going to slowly start showing more and more as we go, so we hope you’re looking forward to it.

And man, face-to-face events are great. It’s taking the efforts and expectations of many to keep this project going. And we will succeed, no matter what. We want to make you all happy. Those four days increased my motivation to its limits.

This time, it was an event in our home country. But there are plenty of game events overseas. This event made me think that if we have the chance, I’d love to go to venues around the world and meet you all. I pray that that day comes soon…

Now I’m super psyched for production, and will work hard to make you all proud. I thank you all, and ask for your continued support.

J Murakami


So, TGS 2022 is over. Komunichiwa, komubanwa. This is Komuta, the guy who even turned into a rabbit at the TGS venue.

This is what it was like backstage at the official broadcast.

Even with TGS over, we had so many warm comments from people who saw the official broadcasts, stage events, and interviews. Thank you all so very much!

And finally… finally, we were able to show you guys footage of Eiyuden Chronicle actually running at Gamescom and TGS 2022! We’re sorry that it took us over a year since the last video at E3.

We’ve had a lot of responses to the trailer, and it has my happiness gauge and pressure gauge filled past the max levels! (lol)

For the TGS trailer, we added even more new footage and even voices this time! I feel like a lot of people were surprised at the voices.

That’s right, we’ve already begun recording the voiceovers. I can’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it. Someone stop time!

We’re being pushed ahead with a lot of busy things, but even so I’d still like to give you guys some progress reports on how development is going every now and again. We’re giving our all so that this game will be something you all will truly enjoy! Thank you all for your continued support!

P.S. There were a lot of extra things I wanted to show you guys, but we ran out of room footage-wise. There’s so many scenes I wanted to show you all! (Crying)

So instead I’ll sneak in a screenshot of Hugo slicing an enemy in two in a single stroke.