Eiyuden Chronicle January 2022 Community Update

Eiyuden Chronicle January 2022 Community Update

January 27, 2022 by Stephen Takowsky

Hey there heroes!

It’s a new year and we’ve got tons of new information that we can’t wait to start sharing with you, so we’re kicking things off in style with a sneak peak of some content for Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – the companion game to Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes that is currently in development thanks to everyone’s tremendous support during the campaign!

Before jumping into the juicy details, we’d like to take this opportunity to answer a couple of questions we’ve received regarding Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising.

First, we would like to assure those who have purchased the companion game, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, at the 7 USD backer exclusive price will not be expected to pay any additional cost .

Additionally, we understand there are backers who have asked how to change or finalize their platform of choice for Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. In March of 2022, right after the March update goes live, we will be sending an email to the same email address backers provided in the official backer survey that we sent out a few months AFTER the campaign concluded.

And worry not Eiyuden Chronicle enthusiasts, we still have plenty of tantalizing core game goodies that we look forward to sharing in not-too-far-off future updates!

Now, on to the updates!


The Story – Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising
Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising combines a thrilling adventure through ancient ruins with the tale of one town’s rise from the ashes.

Drawn by lenses and other treasure in the nearby Runebarrows, our heroes learn that the town is struggling to rebuild after an earthquake, and decide to help. Along the way, they’ll resolve disputes between eager adventurers and wary locals who don’t think the Barrows should be disturbed. And they’ll learn more about each other’s reasons for seeking treasure, deepening their bonds in the process.

As you will learn, these Runebarrows hide a great secret that has fateful implications for one of the characters. What begins as a simple treasure hunt turns into a dark conspiracy that will shake the world and plant seeds that carry over into the main story of Eiyuden Chronicle.

Character Profile

Name: CJ
Home: The League of Nations
GENDER: Female
AGE: 16
FAVORITE FOOD: Mega katsu curry

The latest in a long line of Scavengers (tomb raiders by trade). CJ’s clan has sent her to New Nevaeh in order to complete their traditional “rite of passage.”

“What can I say? Your town’s growing on me. That’s reason enough for me to stick my neck out.”

Name: Isha
Home: New Nevaeh
GENDER: Female
AGE: 16
FAVORITE FOOD: Red-hot tom yam kung

Isha has served as acting mayor of New Nevaeh ever since her father, the former mayor, went missing. She realised the town was sitting on a goldmine and invited adventurers from far and wide to come explore New Nevaeh’s Runebarrows…for the right price, of course.

“An explorer’s licence costs 100,000 baqua. Not a penny less.”

Name: Garoo
AGE: 35

An adventurer who’s looking to get his mitts on the priceless treasures in New Nevaeh’s Barrows. Garoo is tough as nails—in his old life as a mercenary, he single-handedly hacked his way through some nasty battles—but it’s the jingle of coin he marches to.

“That’s the thing about fights, mate. They don’t happen unless both parties involved think they’re tougher than the other guy.”

Kawano’s Comment:
CJ is energetic and Isha is strong willed. When creating these two, I imagined that their relationship would run parallel to that of Nowa and Seign, from the main story of Eiyuden: Hundred Heroes, then added some extra oomph to it. (This is an Action RPG, after all, so their dialogue will be full of energy and passion).

As for Garoo, well, right after seeing a wallaby at a nearby zoo, I got to work ‘hmm’ing and ‘haa’ing and made him into a cool uncle-type character. But the most interesting part of his design has to be the mysterious pocket on his waist, right? lol

Production Updates
A Word from the Team

Happy Mew Year and Good Eveming! Komuta here.

Let’s make this another great year.

I spent the new year’s holiday playing with the cats and suddenly got into making braised pork on New Year’s Day. We entered January 2022 rejuvenated and ready to go, and now it’s already coming to an end.

(All I’ve talked about since the end of last year is how pressed for time I am…lol)

People say that time flies when you’re having fun. But it also flies for me when I decide the next steps I need to take, find issues in the process of actually creating each part, then realize it didn’t turn out the way I want to, forcing me to go back to the drawing board.

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been running at top speed trying to tighten up how everything works, and all that extremely dense time has flown by so fast that I didn’t even notice it until now.

Recently, we cemented the setting for Eiyuden: Hundred Heroes – its terrain, climate, and natural features. Our once-symbolic world map made up of nothing but sketches and photographic references has finally become properly visualized, which gave everyone an immediate boost of excitement.

We’re also working on the dungeons that lead to the deep forest region and the desert, as well as locations that Nowa and his companions will visit on their adventure, such as the desert village.

I know everyone’s anxious for more info, but unfortunately we can’t show you any mid-production screenshots, so please hold on a little longer.

When I was able to find a small moment for myself, I went to see Spiderman: No Way Home! I won’t go into any spoilers, but it was tons of fun.

If they can cram so much story into two and a half hours, I should be able to do more with my time too! Well, now that I’ve fallen into some weird logic loop and started screaming ‘Nope, no way, nuh-uh!’ to my own brain, like I’m one person playing both parts of a comedy duo on stage, I think I’ll call it here.

Oh, but before I go—please enjoy this picture of the braised pork I made on New Year’s Day!